“In my experience with Johannessen & Leone Associates, Ltd, I have found this company to be very knowledgeable, professional, thorough, prompt and flexible. What more could you ask for from a professional engineering firm in our highly competitive business culture?”

Michael DiCicco, Michael A. DiCicco, Associates, AIA

“Johannessen & Leone Associates have become an integral part of the Paramount Homes’ team. Both Mark and Andrew have helped us design our products for maximum efficiency at a pace that continually helps bring our projects together on time and within budget. I am very happy with our relationship with Mark and Andrew. They blend innovative design concepts with practical experience which make for a unique and valuable combination. Their ability to meet deadlines is second to none. I wouldn’t think of building anything without them on board!”

Thomas Monetti, Director of Construction Paramount Homes

“During the course of my 25 year career in construction, I have had the opportunity to work with many design and construction organizations.

My experience in working and relying on Johannessen & Leone, in terms of structural expertise, professional integrity, responsiveness and cooperation has been so outstanding, I felt it necessary to formalize this in writing.

Your turn-around time in addressing my design and construction needs… has been instrumental in helping to keep projects on schedule and to better serve clients’ needs.”

Mark Savoia, Construction Manager
Rocon Contracting